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"Panorambles" describes the type of rewarding, immersive explorations I hope to achieve in my work.


I've been shooting panorama tours for over twenty years and publishing the results on-line and in print. I've done panorama work for HBO documentaries and favorite local businesses. Clients have included universities, non-profits, and government agencies.


I am also a writer and graphic designer who has been working in marketing since the early 1990s. I'm happy taking on an entire project from start to finish, or acting as a contributor for any portion of an endeavor.


But I like it best when the project includes a lot of panoramic photography. Please take a look around, but when you have a few minutes, make sure you take a tour. Fill the screen and explore.

And there's a book, too...!

Panoramas and so much more!


While panoramic photography is my specialty, it's only one of the many services I offer. As a writer, editor, and designer, I help clients take all kinds of publications and marketing efforts from conception to realization, on-line and in print. Some include panoramas, some don't.


Already have a vibrant website and robust social media presence? A single panorama can be used in multiple ways to enhance your existing media, and a full tour can introduce a whole new dimension to your message. Rather than telling your audiences about your incredible location, show them!

Fourteen years ago, for two weeks in February,
Central Park was transformed into a massive art installation. Christo and Jeanne Claude's "The Gates" took over the park. Wander around Olmsted's masterwork and relive
this fleeting and illuminating vision.

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All hands on deck!

Announcing a new tour!
Step on board the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater. Roam from bow to stern and poke around below deck. See where Pete Seeger slept and where a modern day crew live and work.

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Explore World's End

In Boston Harbor there's a small island known as World's End near Hingham, Massachusetts. For years, only farmers and sheep roamed its woods and fields. In the 1890s, Frederick Law Olmsted was asked to landscape the property in preparation for a housing development. Amazingly, the houses were never built. Today, it's a glorious park protected by local advocates and the Trustees of Reservations. Sit back and explore.


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Visit Portland Harbor's

Fort Gorges!


Built to protect against an invasion that never came, Fort Gorges stands alone on a rocky island, a true American castle waiting to be explored! Wander at will and find your way to the top for a spectacular view of Portland, Maine.


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Northampton, MA

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