Whether you're promoting a Brooklyn brick oven pizzaria, a small coffee shop, or your own unique work space, a panorama image is worth far more than a thousand words.


An interactive panoramic tour is the next best thing to actually being there—they welcome viewers in and let them wander at will.

The portrait in the title bar at the top of the page is of Carolyn Cushing of Soul Path Sanctuary taken to promote her business.


 Other recent panorama uses and subjects include:


  • An on-line tour of the Hudson River Clearwater sloop

  • A tour of the West Point campus for their Visitor's Center

  • A bus advertisement for the United Way of Pioneer Valley

  • A print catalog for Conklin Furniture in Holyoke

  • A  website for the HBO documentary "Shelter Dogs" by Cynthia Wade


To see samples of these and other projects on my Tours page.

Turn It Up! Northampton, MA

Enhance your current marketing!


Already have a vibrant website and robust social media presence? A single panorama can be used in multiple ways to enhance your existing media, and a full tour can introduce a whole new dimension to your message. Rather than telling your audiences about your incredible location, show them!

• Panoramic Studio Portraits •

Step inside painter Neal Park's Easthampton studio.
See him at work, browse his book shelves,
and dive into one of his paintings.
Clicking here is your ticket, so step inside...

Just beyond where the pavement ends and the dirt roads begin in Newfane, Vermont, Diane Echlin is busy at work creating enchanting ceramic works to enhance your life. Mugs, bowls, tincture bottles and so much more. Take a look!

High up in a mill building overlooking a canal in Lowell, Massachusetts, Christopher Volpe creates vibrant oil paintings that capture the drama of the New England landscapes he loves. Loomings, his series of canvases painted with tar, asks haunting nautical questions.

Spend a while and look over his shoulder...

It took them years of hunting, but eventually Dave Scarlow and his partners found the brick oven of their dreams. Under a bridge in Brooklyn, buried at the back of a place that had sold cigars for generations, was a baker's turn-of-the-century oven. In my newest portrait of artists in their workspace, I present a tour of Pizza Moto at 338 Hamilton Ave., Brooklyn!


Taken one Sunday evening, just before opening. Between everyone eating a quick dinner of pesto and pasta, the tables were set, the bar polished and the kitchen hummed with activity. Once a chopping task was complete, another log was thrown on the fire.



For marketing professionals and graphic designers, a set of  panoramic images is like a Swiss Army Knife.


Panoramic images can be:


  • used on Facebook and Instagram
  • part of a detailed panoramic tour with sound, image galleries, animation and video
  • used as a single, still image on websites, social media, catalogs, brochures, and annual reports
  • cropped a million different ways to offer selected details from the overall image


I can provide clients the images in a variety of formats with which designers and webmasters can work.

Railroad Yard Road

If the job is right, I also photograph for real estate. Explore this industrial site in Deerfield, Massachusetts to get a sense of how panoramic photography can make a complicated space understandable and welcoming.


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Northampton, MA

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