"Panorambles" describes the type of rewarding, immersive exploration I hope to achieve in my work.


My interactive tours work well on desktops, lap tops and mobile devices. They don't require any special browser plug-ins and have easy-to-use controls. Anywhere you or your clients have web-access, my tours are ready and waiting.


I've been shooting panorama tours for over twenty years and publishing the results on-line and in print. I've done panorama work for an HBO documentary, historic organizations and favorite local businesses. Clients have included universities, non-profits, and government agencies.


When you have a few minutes, take a tour. Fill the screen of your favorite browser and explore.

Panoramas in Print!

In 2018, Levellers Press published my book, A Panoramic Tour of the Northampton State Hospital. Over 50 panoramas around and inside this historic institution. The building was ultimately demolished in 2006.


You can learn more about the book here. It is also available from Amazon.

In late 2017, West Point opened a new visitor's center, and its front lobby stands a kiosk with an interactive panoramic tour of the grounds. Working with a team of designers and programmers, the kiosk features eighteen of my panoramas.

My favorite use of panoramas is in documenting interesting, historic spaces.


Panoramas preserve special locations, allowing more people to share them now and future generations to see them at all.


Many museums and historic properties have areas that are not open to the public, or kept just out of reach. A panorama can help a visitor climb to the top of a rickety clock tower, or poke deep into an historic room that usually can only be seen from a doorway.


A panorama tour on-line can help visitor's plan their itinerary, and after they leave, it can allow them revisit spaces and linger longer.

Documenting interesting and important spaces isn't just for museums, though. I've photographed panoramic tours for many educational and journalistic uses as well:


  • a guide to statuary commemorating women leaders in the Boston State House

  • a tour of Holyoke's Scott Tower park for a newspaper story

  • an exhibit to demonstrate a new air conditioning technology for the U.S. Department of Energy


Tours can be presented on websites, or as published pieces, as in the case of my recently published book, A Panoramic Tour of the Northampton State Hospital.

Behind the scenes during the Clearwater Sloop tour.

In 2015, I used a classroom panorama to illustrate a "Stay in School" bus poster for the United Way.


Northampton, MA

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