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Christo in Central Park

Fourteen years ago, for two weeks in February,
Central Park was transformed into a massive art installation. Christo and Jeanne Claude's "The Gates" took over the park. Wander around Olmsted's masterwork and relive
this fleeting and illuminating vision.

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This page is the archive of all my most recent tours. Most have been shot in the last year, with a few from the archives. I've been shooting tours for twenty years.


My goal is to add at least a couple new tours a month. Both historic locations and artist's studios. I'm always looking for subjects, clients, and suggestions for interesting locations.


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Most tours include three black buttons at the bottom of each tour: return to main page or map (if there is one), toggle between full screen, and a toggle for automatic rotation. Enjoy.



• Panoramic Studio Portraits •

Gorgeous Fort Gorges

Visit Portland Harbor's Fort Gorges!


Built to protect against an invasion that never came, Fort Gorges is a true American castle!  Look inside here!

Step inside painter Neal Park's Easthampton studio.
See him at work, browse his book shelves,
and dive into one of his paintings.
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All hands on deck!

Pete Seeger's Hudson Clearwater Sloop


Step aboard my new tour above and below decks of this replica of an 19th century single-sail sloop that used to travel the Hudson River. Step Aboard!

Just beyond where the pavement ends and the dirt roads begin in Newfane, Vermont, Diane Echlin is busy at work creating enchanting ceramic works to enhance your life. Mugs, bowls, tincture bottles and so much more. Take a look!

Explore World's End

High up in a mill building overlooking a canal in Lowell, Massachusetts, Christopher Volpe creates vibrant oil paintings that capture the drama of the New England landscapes he loves. Loomings, his series of canvases painted with tar, asks haunting nautical questions.

Spend a while and look over his shoulder...

In Boston Harbor there's a small island known as World's End near Hingham, Massachusetts. In the 1890s, Frederick Law Olmsted was asked to landscape the property in preparation for a housing development. Today, it's a glorious park protected by local advocates and the Trustees of Reservations.


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Northampton, MA

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