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Pete Seeger's Hudson Clearwater Sloop


Step aboard my new tour above and below decks of this replica of an 19th century single-sail sloop that used to travel the Hudson River.


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Explore World's End

Another new tour!


In Boston Harbor there's a small island known as World's End near Hingham, Massachusetts. In the 1890s, Frederick Law Olmsted was asked to landscape the property in preparation for a housing development. Today, it's a glorious park protected by local advocates and the Trustees of Reservations.


Begin wandering here.

Gorgeous Fort Gorges

Visit Portland Harbor's Fort Gorges!


Built to protect against an invasion that never came, Fort Gorges is a true American castle!


Look inside here!

Panoramas in Print!


Last November, Levellers Press published my book, A Panoramic Tour of the Northampton State Hospital. Over 50 panoramas around and inside this historic institution. It was ultimately demolished in 2006.


You can learn more about the book here. It is also available from Amazon.

In 2015, a classroom panorama I took was used to illustrate a "Stay in School" bus poster for the United Way.

Behind the scenes during the Clearwater Sloop tour.

In late 2017, West Point opened a new visitor's center, and its front lobby stands a kiosk with an interactive panoramic tour of the grounds. Working with a team of designers and programmers, the kiosk features eighteen of my panoramas.


Northampton, MA

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